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Maybe you’re inspired, maybe your motivated, maybe your trying to figure out what all the fuss is about!

I thought I’d try to help you out whatever category you fall within.

Here are some great resources, calls to action and learning opportunities…..learn, commit, act, change the world…..

Will start with The Girl Effect’s ‘Girl Declaration’ – it’s a wow. Love how they listened to girls and involved girls in creating recommendations for solutions. Also love how Girls Education Collaborative is already doing much of the Declaration’s ‘call to action’.  Download it here

The International Day of the Girl wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to 10×10 and their Girl Rising campaign. Not only a beautiful, thought-provoking and tear-making film, but now – tool kits, teacher curriculums and more. Plus, there are new opportunities to show the film in your community! Learn more

Do you like a good Thunderclap every once in awhile?  Get your fix here…..less than 24 hrs left. Who knew the UN could pull off a good Clap?!

I know some of our readers are teachers and girls’ leaders –here is yet another great piece from the Guardian, this one on teaching girls their rights

You’ve heard of Malala, have you heard of the ‘Making of Malala’? Here’s a New York Times piece from a couple of days ago on the making of the video back in 2009 – the backstory. Fascinating.

Girls from Kitenga - hoping their new girls school will open soon!

Girls from Kitenga – hoping their new girls school will open soon!

For all of us who have been working ‘on the ground’ trying to make new things happen for girls, all of these resources, all the buzz, all the awareness-building……wind in our sails. And we are grateful for it.




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