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Have you ever had that wombly feeling when you ended up doing something really well but it was the first time you had ever tried, so maybe it was just – beginner’s luck?

I have to confess that I felt a bit of that wombly feeling a year ago when Kitenga’s first Form Four students took the all-important national exams and aced them, becoming #1 in their district. As much as we celebrated and shouted the news from the rooftops, a tiny voice sat on my shoulder whispering…maybe it was just beginner’s luck….

So you can imagine the swell of relief I felt when this year’s exam scores were released last month and announced that once again, Kitenga girls hit it out of the ball park! Once again they are the #1 small school in their district and once again #11 in the nation! I quickly swatted that little voice off my shoulder and let oodles of pride and joy take its place.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2021! You worked hard, as did your amazing teachers, and I hope that you too are filled with ‘oodles of pride & joy’ !

~ Anne


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