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Our Model

Our approach varies from traditional Western-led international development efforts. We believe that local individuals and organizations are best suited to understand their community’s needs and drive locally-supported solutions. We also realize that these local change-makers may not have the capacity or networks to access the needed resources and capital to create paradigm-shifting change—a depth of change that replaces the usual by new and different.

GEC’s role is to help provide that essential support for the local change agents focused on ending gender discrimination and lifting girls up through the transformative power of education. Our support is responsive, flexible, and multi-faceted. It can include financial assistance, thought partnership, and project management. We like to call it ‘allyship’.

We offer partnership to locally driven, led, and owned initiatives. We believe that by linking arms with local efforts, we can help create robust educational environments for girls where few, if any, exist. We have no ownership, nor final say, but bring a willingness to engage deeply and for the long run as we believe this is what leads to enduring, sustainable change.

Igniting Change for Girls Education

What We Do

  • GEC is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that raises money from individuals, foundations, corporations and other platforms to support girls education initiatives (both formal & informal) in rural, under-served areas of developing economies.  
  • We provide hard-to-access resources—such as direct financial support, expertise, and capacity building to help launch, build, and strengthen initiatives focused on helping ensure that all girls gets a quality, holistic, twelve year education.
  • We engage deeply, actively, and frequently with our core partners. 
  • We listen, and we problem solve together. 
  • We build understanding and work together for the common good. 
  • We are committed to measuring outcomes but know that not each outcome can be measured. 
  • We are team players who respect that the final call rests with the local change-maker. 
  • Collaborative is in our name for a reason. We aim to be advocates for our partners and, to the best of our own ability and capacity, leverage additional partners and collaborators to realize the collective shared vision.

The Kitenga Secondary School For Girls

On 1,000 acres in a remote village in northern Tanzania, Africa, where life is hard and poverty is generational, a transformative project is underway: quality education and life skills for girls who need it most. 

GEC’s first partnership is with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa, in Kitenga Village, Tanzania. While the Sisters had an ambitious vision to build the Kitenga Girls Secondary School (KGSS), they were unable to attract necessary attention and support from the global development community.

Recognizing an extreme need in the region and opportunity to align with a local change-agent, GEC locked arms with the Sisters in 2012. This proved to be a critical and pivotal partnership for IHSA, as together with GEC, they built the school and opened doors five years later.

GEC was able to bring much needed resources, planning expertise, and thought partnership to jointly carry out the Sisters’ vision and create an outstanding residential school for some of the world’s most deserving, but shut-out girls.

Today, GEC’s partnership with the Sisters continues to thrive. In 2022 enrollment at the school reached 160. It is a beautiful campus where girls are nurtured and educated so they can escape their destructive cultural traditions and prepare for the futures they seek and deserve.

Learn more about the Kitenga Girls Secondary School and its impact on the students, local community, and beyond.

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