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Why Girls Education?

Millions of girls are out of school world-wide because of culturally-embedded gender inequality and/or the consequences of extreme poverty and cultural tradition. Girls have a right to be in school and pursue a quality education in a safe setting.

In many cultures in developing economies, there are formidable barriers that block girls from fully participating in school, their local economies, and their civil societies. They are traditions that steal a girl’s innocence and rob her of her dignity and basic human rights. Girls endure high rates of sexual violence, female genital cutting, bride prices, and early marriage. Often in traditional economies, girls are subject to a heavy burden of family chores that begins in early childhood – including daily treks, often at great personal risk, to collect firewood and water.

We see four major areas of focus impacting global girls education.

Meet the Girls

Through our partnership supporting the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa in Kitenga, GEC has helped to transform a community by building the infrastructure needed to provide 100 girls with safe, high quality education. Hear directly from these girls what this access to education means to them.


The key to my future is to be kind and always be hopeful.

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I want to help people, especially girls.  I want to be able to help them fulfill their dreams.

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I love to help and encourage people, especially when they need kind words.


When I grow up, I will listen, help and raise poor children and feed their mind for a better and brighter future.


I want to help people by building an orphanage for children.


If I am empowered, I can change the world.

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I believe that education is the key to my success.

Join the Movement

Together, we can show the world that there’s nothing a girl can’t do.