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There are so many ways you can amplify GEC’s work and become part of the movement! Follow and share on social media, attend or host a fundraiser, or become a volunteer. You can make a difference and we welcome you to join us!

Impact Allies

Our Impact Allies are friends committed to the mission and work of GEC. Through multi-year and unrestricted giving, GEC is empowered to strategically make impact-creating investments – be it infrastructure, program, or internal capacity. To become an Impact Ally, contact Anne Wadsworth at anne@GirlsEdCollaborative.org or call (716) 710-9105.

Baobab Benefactors

Lifetime giving of $50,000 or more

  • Robert Berger
  • Patricia Minter-Powell
  • Zingapan Castiglia Family

Flame Tree Funders

$10,000 or more (per year for each of 3 years)

  • Zingapan Castiglia Family

Acacia Advocates

$5,000 – $9,999 (per year for each of 3 years)

  • Robert Berger
  • Eugene & Kathleen Gramza
  • Diane Imbrogno
  • Edward & Patricia Minter-Powell
  • Rich Products Corporation
  • Marie Robinson
  • William & Mary Gisel

Fig Tree Friends

$1,000 – $4,999 (per year for each of 3 years)

  • Michael Andriaccio & Joanne Castellani
  • Alexandra Barrett
  • Dianne Bennett
  • Max & Dr. Christine Brown
  • The Cardinal Fund
  • Georgia & Robert Dachille
  • Shelby Deck & Timothy Vukelic
  • Sharon Dwyer & Steve Furlani
  • Tom & Martha Hyde
  • Holly Levy
  • Linda Nenni
  • Dr. Philip & Donna Niswander
  • Northwoods Capital Benefits
  • Michelle & Gerry Parish
  • Carole Smith Petro
  • Robynn & Jeffrey Rich
  • Simple Gifts Fund
  • Barry and Winnifred Sullivan
  • Ward & Pat Tilton
  • Anne Wadsworth
  • Ryan and Jackie Knowles

Join the Movement

Together, we can show the world that there’s nothing a girl can’t do.