fbpx Girls Education Collaborative

Note: These directions are for a desktop computer, though it will be similar on a mobile device

1. Log in to your facebook account and click on the Facebook logo in the top left corner of the page
2. On the left side menu, click on “See More” and scroll down to “Fundraisers.”
3. You should now be on a page titled Raise Money and here you will click on “Select Charity”
4. Type in “Girls Education Collaborative” and click on the correct logo
5. Now you will see a “Desktop Preview” of your fundraiser. In the left side menu, you can edit the details of your fundraiser — from the amount of money you aim to raise (Go Big!), to the dates of your fundraiser, and any other information you wish to provide. GEC has made it easy for you, there is text already there for you to work from — leave as is or edit to your liking.
6. Click “Create”

Thank you for considering hosting a Fundraiser for GEC — it is an excellent thing to do on your birthday when your loved ones are wondering what they can give someone who already has it all 😉

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