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Thanks to the amazing Lindsey at PLS 3rd Learning and to the encouragement of Magezi and Sharon, I (Anne Wadsworth, Exec. Director) am now (technically) a blogger. I do prefer the term story-teller or observer, but understand the necessity of using the unattractive ‘blog’.

I’ll use this space to share with you stories I come across – stories about girls, education, communities – the challenges faced & the milestones of accomplishment. Let me know what you enjoy reading about or would like to hear more of.

I’d like to use this inaugural post to show my utmost appreciation and gratitude to the team responsible for helping us launch our new, all grown-up website. First, kudos to our designers over at White Bicycle: Brian & Kyle. Once again, you have beautifully captured through style and design the essence of who we are and the work we are doing. Thank you!

Next, back again to Lindsey. Thank you PLS 3rd Learning for donating Lindsey’s time to do the programming for this site. You have a lot of friendly talent in that woman – hang on to her! Thanks Lindsey for being understanding when my copy was late and I asked dumb questions and apologies for putting you to work Sunday mornings.

Thanks to Greg Connors for editing my copy and bringing a disciplined eye to my ramblings. Am sure you wish you had a shot at this post as well!

We are incredibly fortunate at the Girls Education Collaborative for the expanding team of passionate and talented advocates working with us to help change the landscape for the world’s girls.


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