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blog 4.5.13

Just when I need my whole self to be in full buzzing mode, I find myself at half speed.

When I get back from a project visit to Tanzania, my to-do list is a mile long; my stories, pictures and reflections a mile deep; my passion about our mission somehow even stronger than it was before. Yet my body just doesn’t want to keep the pace. It’s tired. From what, I’m not sure. The change in time? Water? Food? Is it from processing the dramatic change in environments and culture? Is it from missing Tanzania?
I come home and the urgency of our work – the life changing course if these girls can go to a good school – is driving my every cell and calling for hyper-activity! Action = Impact! Yet my body is going slowly, slowly. Poley poley.

Not wanting to miss the trend, I decided to Lean Into this space of being less reproductive than usual, and reflect on its potential benefit. Not finding a lot, I have decided to up the morning coffee to 2 cups.

Now that I have been home a solid week, I am finding my footing once again. Know that my to-do list, as I get to each task, will help to solidify a quality project and generate additional support for the school and the mission…That the goal is within reach and with just a tad more coffee, we’ll get there in time.

Photo: Out-of-school girls from Kitenga, waiting at the well

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