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Hi everyone!

Emily M Louis here, just wanting to give a proper introduction for this post.

I have had the great pleasure of being able to get to know Mr. Claud Masanja Nigo via email the past few months. It sort of feels like having a penpal again! I have to tell you, that he is one special person. We are so glad that such an awesome teacher is helping to educate the fresh, young minds at the Kitenga School For Girls. Enough from me, see for yourself in his interview with me below:

What place in the world that would you most like to see? NEW YORK -USA

What is your favorite song? Kwetu by Raymond from WCB.

Who is your favorite sports team? Chelsea (Don’t worry Claud, I won’t tell my English husband from Liverpool about this one.)

Where did you grow up? The KWIMBA district in Mwanza region.

What is your favorite animal? A Lion

What is your favorite game to play? Football

How long have you been a teacher for? Almost 9 months now.

Where else have you taught? Apart from teaching practices that I did in first and second year of my university studies, I’ve only taught at Kitenga School For Girls.

Why did you choose to teach Biology and ICT? Because both are interesting subjects to me and it is my career.

Did you always know you wanted to be a teacher? YES! I Do.

How do you like working for the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa? I like working with Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa because they focus on liberating people spiritually and mentally, and they came up with the good idea of supporting girls by starting school for girls. Now I’m proud to work with them toward educating girls.

Why did you want to work for a school educating girls?  I wanted to work for a school educating girls soon after recognizing that some societies in Tanzania are still discriminating girls. Therefore I decided to work with Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa because they support girls.

What do you think is the biggest struggle girls in Tanzania have to deal with? I think the biggest struggle girls in Tanzania have to deal with is getting a quality education as their strong weapon to liberate themselves.

What do you hope for your students? I hope students will attain their dreams. Not only that, but also after acquiring basic skills they are going to be good members in their society by educating parents and others who marginalize girls and society will become more civilized.

(left to right, Mr. Freeman Dallas Paslaw, Madame Christina Masanja, Mr. Julius William Okumu, and Mr. Claud Masanja Nigo)


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