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Peres and Father

Peres with her father

My name is Peres Justine Munanka, I am 17 years old. I am a Kuryan by tribe and a Tanzanian by nationality. I graduated from primary school in 2016 from Mwlalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere School and then joined the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa (now known as Kitenga Secondary School for Girls) in 2017. I graduated Form Four in 2020, among the first pioneers of the school.

I am happy to volunteer to work with GEC because it is a passion in me to see that other girls rise up in different parts of Tanzania and Africa. The fund raising done by GEC allows some of the girls from difficult situations to enroll in schools, and creates global awareness of some crucial on-going matters concerning girls that negatively affect their developments. I am one of those who got inspired and got courage to stand up for other girls who are in need in order to bring positive high developments.

I expect to join the Advanced levels right after the results come out and the selections of the schools that we are going to join, particularly the government schools. Before then I am at home for five or more months and it is a perfect time to assist GEC in any way I can.

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