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“Every girl deserves access to quality education, regardless of where she is born. I’m excited to be working with GEC because I believe their local-led, partnership approach is the most effective way to achieve a world where all girls are able to go to school.”

Sarah Filippi-Field is a soon-to-be Master of Public Policy graduate at the University of Erfurt in Germany where she specializes in Conflict Studies & Management. With classmates from over 30 different nations, her interest in girls education began when she learned from her female colleagues about the barriers they faced accessing education in their home countries. Inspired by this experience, she wrote her master’s thesis on making cities more women-friendly. Prior to interning at GEC, she worked as a Project Assistant at the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs and a Community Engagement and Research Intern at Doh Eain. Upon graduation, Sarah plans to move back to the Philly area and work in the community development sector with a focus on gender issues. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and going to concerts. 

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