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This Sunday, June 16th, tune into CNN for a special showing of Girl Rising!

In this film, what is identified as the absolute KEY to helping GIRLS RISE?  EDUCATION!

Throughout less developed nations, girls face often-insurmountable barriers to an education. From at-home responsibilities placed on them – to a lack of bathrooms for when they menstruate – girls face bigger, broader and deeper obstacles then boys.

Girl Rising, a feature film produced by 10 x 10, and supported by Intel,  as part of an incredible advocacy campaign, tells of this bigger story by recreating the stories of seven girls from different developing countries. Through these stories, we learn of the unique challenges individual girls face. Through the film’s narrator, Liam Neeson, we learn about the current situation when it comes to girls and education. But the best part? We learn what happens in individual lives and in the life of a community when GIRLS ARE EDUCATED.

Nick Kristof , who has traveled the world investigating the core issues and unearthing solutions, wrote this to me in an email: “I’m a huge believer that EDUCATING GIRLS is, if not a silver bullet, at least a bronze bullet – the best leverage we have for fighting poverty.”

CNN will be showing excerpts from the film on June 16th and 22nd. The story of the girl in Afghanistan is similar to the community where we are now working – as girls are often forced into early marriage – as this girl photographed here was.

Girl on the right, 14, married.

Girl on the right, 14, married.

Or read this powerful account by a 13-yr old girl married to a man in his seventies.

I’m not sure how much of the film’s narration will be included in the CNN production, but if you see the full film there is no way to walk away without a new understanding of not only the issues and solutions BUT ALSO what each of us can do to ignite change! I trust the same takeaway will happen Sunday night.

Our collective global involvement will make a difference…it already is making a difference!


To: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Frieda Pinto, Alicia Keys, Cate Blanchett…and more…Thank You! for your contributions in making this such a powerful and beautiful film.

Help get the word out on this fantastic must-see TV event (check local listings for time – 9pm EST). If you Tweet about this blog and/or the CNN premier, please #thewholegirlthewholeworld

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