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Raj Suchak is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about the little things in life and making a difference in the community around us. Most recently, Raj is the founder and CEO of Grit Seed – a conversational engagement platform using the power of SMS, WhatsApp and other channels for recruiting and retention. Prior to Grit Seed, Raj built his first company (Cloud62) with zero funding and sold it after 4 years to Huron Consulting Group – a large publicly traded management consulting company based out of Chicago, IL. Earlier in his career, Raj spent time at Salesforce.com where he learned about software-as-a-service platforms and scaling businesses.
Raj is a proud Buffalo resident and originally from Tanzania. Raj is fluent in Swahili and several other languages like Gujarati, Hindi and pretends he can understand French. In his spare time, Raj competes with his young children in solving a 3×3 Rubik’s cube and is yet to out compete them! Raj also likes to run and his lifelong dream has been to run 3 miles in under 20 minutes. He is close to accomplishing that goal!

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