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Since 2012, GEC has been working to create a gender equal world through the transformative power of education. We are committed to creating a future where all girls are getting the education they seek and deserve. We do this through deep partnerships with locally-driven initiatives in rural, under-served areas of developing economies.

We are part of the movement to smash the barriers keeping girls out of school. Through collaboration, GEC brings assets to help achieve a local vision for the future. We support but don’t lead; we link arms with local changemakers on their initiatives centered on educating girls.

Since our launch, GEC has engaged thoughtfully and deeply, with flexibility and creativity, with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa. In allyship, GEC helped the sisters build and grow the Kitenga Girls Secondary School as a means to lift up women living in critical poverty and facing endemic destructive gender-based cultural traditions.


Smashing Barriers to Education

There are many barriers between a girl and the education she wants and deserves. GEC is committed to removing one of those for students at KGSS–the cost of school fees. By underwriting the school fees for approximately 30% of the student body, GEC helps ensure that no student is kept from attending school because her family can’t afford it.

As we look forward, especially with the impact of the pandemic, this need is expected to increase. The fragile economies in the communities where GEC works puts a girl’s ability to continue her education at great risk. Many times, families cannot afford school fees for all of theirchildren. Inthesesituations,familiesoftenchoose to send their boys to school… not their girls. GEC and the GIRLS RISE scholarship fund is here to make sure that these girls can attend KGSS, continue their educations and realize their fullest potential.

Launch A Leader

At GEC, we know that a strong education is necessary for a girl to realize her fullest potential. Butwhathappenswhenagirl’searlyeducationisn’tpreparingher
for the unique demands of secondary school? That’s where GEC and “Launch a Leader” come in.

In Tanzania, private schools and secondary schools are taught in English–but government primary schools are taught in Swahili! This creates a unique challenge fortheincomingstudentsthathaveattendedpublicprimaryschools. Whilemany schools run a “prep” program for new students, Kitenga Girls Secondary School and GEC have taken it a step further by offering an additional six-week on-campus remedial program for just these students. The program is called Launch a Leader and it’s focus is on helping girls STAY in school and achieve success.

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