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Meet Lucy Sears. Lucy recently moved back to Buffalo, and has been a top volunteer for Girls Education Collaborative. From helping check guests in at the first annual Taste of Tanzania, to being willing to table for GEC at networking events, to participating and fundraising in the Get Krazy For Kitenga challenge, Lucy is never afraid to jump in, and has been an invaluable support.

Hear straight from the source what volunteering with GEC means to her:

Why do I support GEC? 

I was introduced to GEC by Colleen Heidinger at 43North.  I had just moved back to Buffalo and wanted to network with people who were participating in the advancement of the city.  Although my goal was to get involved with an organization whose focus was local, GEC’s mission appealed to me. The organization’s goal is to forge partnerships that support education-centered, community-driven initiatives in developing countries to improve opportunities for girls.  The heart and soul of this organization is girls, and as a feminist trying to figure out how to participate in the advancement of women’s rights on a local, national and global scale, GEC entered my life at the perfect time. 

A woman’s hope to live a self-sufficient adult life dramatically decreases when she has little access to quality education and life-skills training.  GEC has created a cultural movement for this remote village in Northern Tanzania, and its transformative power has only begun to be tested.  I am excited to be involved during this critical time for the organization. 

Construction for The Kitenga School For Girls is nearly complete and the dream to provide education to girls in this community is almost tangible.  We just completed the #Krazy4Kitenga fundraiser, and I signed up to raise $400 to help fund a safe, accessible road to The Kitenga School for Girls. I am so excited to announce that I surpassed my goal, and raised $555!

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