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Mr. Mugabo Mkama is Second Master at Kitenga Girls Secondary School (KGSS), where he teaches physics and mathematics. Originally from Musoma in the Mara region of Tanzania, Mr. Mugabo has been at KGSS since 2018. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he is responsible for organizing different activities, maintaining discipline of the school, and data. His dream is to further his education and become an administrator. 

What makes Kitenga Girls Secondary School unique?

One thing is discipline. We try to build respect for others. Students have respect for teachers, for workers, and the others who come to the school. This influences parents to bring their students to the school, because of the way we treat the girls. Another thing is academics. Our school has great academic performance. We are strict about speaking English, which influences other students to come. We tell the students “No English, No Service.” For girls who have a lack of knowledge of speaking English, this helps them learn. Teamwork also makes the school unique. We teach working together.

What are the most important ways to help girls be successful in school?

We have different strategies to help those girls, especially those that attended government primary school. They sometimes struggle with English, so we have remedial classes for them. We spend extra time teaching them, and by the end they perform well. One student didn’t speak English in Form One, but by Form Four was a tutor. 

The first few months as they adjust to the new environment is a challenge. It takes time to cope with the new environment, and we encourage them to ask teachers questions. Teachers at Kitenga are always volunteering their time to assist students. We also have students teach each other. For instance, if a student doesn’t know the English word for something, she can ask a friend.

Another challenge is girls coming from poor families, where going to school is difficult. They cannot afford food or their basic needs. They see girls who went to Kitenga who are in a steady place now through this program, and then trust that this can happen for them too.

Would you like to continue working in girls education as your career develops?

Yes, I am interested in continuing to grow with these girls. If you help educate a girl and help her succeed and achieve her goals, it is a good thing for society. If she knows something, even boys can’t touch that.

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