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June 5, 2024


By Fatoumata Jaiteh

My name is Naomi Elias Tura. I graduated from Kitenga Girls Secondary School in 2023. I was born in the Mara region in Tanzania in 2005. I live in the Tarime district with both my parents. And for now, I am working as a GEC volunteer.    Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries…

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October 11, 2023

Voices of Kitenga: Peres Munanka’s Inspiring Path to Advocacy

By Guillemette Dejean

After graduating from KGSS in 2020 with the school’s pioneer class, Peres Munanka didn’t take any time off between lower and upper secondary school. Instead, she went onto become GEC’s very first Kitenga volunteer.  At that time, she remarked that she was “happy to volunteer to work with GEC because it is a passion…to see…

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April 27, 2022

It Takes a Village: Mr. Mugabo Mkama

By Sarah Filippi-Field

Mr. Mugabo Mkama is Second Master at Kitenga Girls Secondary School (KGSS), where he teaches physics and mathematics. Originally from Musoma in the Mara region of Tanzania, Mr. Mugabo has been at KGSS since 2018. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he is responsible for organizing different activities, maintaining discipline of the school, and data….

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